TAVT Opt-in Deadline Approaching

Time is running out for eligible vehicle owners to “opt in” to the state’s Title Ad Valorem Tax, or TAVT.

Stephens County Tax Commissioner Dene Hicks said those who bought vehicles in 2012 or between January 1 and February 28, 2013 are eligible to opt that vehicle in to the TAVT system and no longer pay the so-called “birthday tax” on that particular vehicle.

“The deadline to opt in for those people who purchased vehicles during that time is February 28, 2014,” said Hicks.

Georgia started the Title Ad Valorem Tax in March 2012.

Under the law, purchases of vehicles starting last March were exempt from both state and local sales tax in Georgia and the ad valorem tax, known as the “birthday tax.”

In its place, those purchasing a vehicle beginning last March have paid the one-time TAVT on self-propelled motor vehicles like cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

Hicks said those who are eligible to opt in, but do not want to do not have to do anything.

For those who wish to opt in, Hicks said they need to visit her office.

She said people opting in will need to bring a bill of sale.

Hicks said there are also a couple of points she wants to clear up regarding the TAVT system.

First, she said that the only vehicles that someone can choose to opt in are those bought between January 1, 2012 and February 28, 2013, not ones bought before January 1, 2012.

“Folks that have purchased a vehicle or have chosen to opt in will ask to opt their other vehicles in and those are not available to this new Title Ad Valorem Tax,” said Hicks.

Also, Hicks said that while a person does not pay the “birthday tax” on a vehicle that is in the TAVT system, they must still renew the vehicle’s tag.

“The Title Ad Valorem Tax is a one-time fee but your renewal decal has to be renewed every single year,” said Hicks.

Anyone with questions should contact the Stephens County Tax Commissioner’s Office at 706-886-4753.

Information can also be found online at www.stephenscountytax.com.