Toccoa City Commission Meeting This Morning

Toccoa City Commissioners are holding a special called meeting this morning.

The meeting is set to start at 9 a.m. in the city commission meeting room at Toccoa City Hall.

The agenda lists one item. That is discussion of humane shelter funding.

Last month, the city commission and Stephens County Commission both passed motions related to additional funding for the humane shelter.

At its meeting on September 24, the Toccoa City Commission unanimously approved a loan of up to $200,000 from the city’s Commission Reserve Account to cover additional costs associated with the new Toccoa-Stephens County Humane Shelter contingent on the county being responsible for 50 percent of the loan. Then at their meeting the next morning, Stephens County Commissioners unanimously approved a motion to guarantee up to 50 percent with a maximum of $100,000 of the city’s loan to the shelter.

Toccoa City Commissioner Ron Seib said last month that the $200,000 originally committed by the county, city, and private donations for the building and a crematorium is expended, but costs remain to get the building open.

In addition to additional construction costs that are needed, Seib said the shelter needs an estimated $137,000 to purchase supplies needed for inside the shelter.

Toccoa-Stephens County Humane Shelter Executive Director Bob Citrullo said those needs consist of supplies to make sure the shelter can operate once it is ready to go.