Toccoa City Commission To Re-visit Yard Sale Ordinance Today

Toccoa City Commissioners are expected to re-visit a proposed yard sale ordinance at their meeting today.

City commissioners will meet at 5 p.m. today at Toccoa City Hall.

Commissioners first brought forth the proposed yard sale ordinance last month.

The proposed ordinance would limit a city resident to four yard sales in a calendar year and would require a city resident to obtain a free permit from the city prior to having their yard sale.

It would also only allow yard sales in the city to be held on residential properties, banning them on vacant lots and on lots where there is a structure used primarily for any use other than residential purposes.

The ordinance would allow religious and charitable 501c3 organizations to have yard sales on the property of the organization or at other locations within the city with the expressed written consent of the owner of the property where the yard sale is being conducted.

Supporters said that the ordinance falls in line with neighboring communities, with one person saying that all of the yard sales on Big A Road some weekends make it look like “a third-world country.”

However, opponents said that they do not feel that the yard sales are causing problems, saying that they live in areas where people do not travel and they bring things to town to sell to make money to pay their bills.

Other items on today’s meeting agenda include consideration of a bid award for renovations to the fire department office and living quarters and consideration of an agreement with Demorest to purchase water.

Today’s city commission meeting is open to the public.