Toccoa Commission Offers Morse Manager Job; Waiting for Reply

The decision on whether or not Billy Morse will return as Toccoa City Manager now rests with Morse himself.

Monday, Toccoa City Commissioners voted to offer Morse the position of City Manager based on a contract drawn up by the City Attorney.

Mayor David Austin and Commissioners Terry Carter, Gail Fry, and Ron Seib all voted in favor of the motion.  Vice-Mayor Andy Pavliscsak abstained from the vote.

Austin now said that the commission will wait to hear from Morse regarding their offer.

“We will offer him a contract,” said Austin, who said Morse will then either accept or reject the offer.

“We hope to hear something in the next couple of days on that,” said Austin.

Morse was named the sole finalist for the city manager’s position on September 3, when commissioners voted unanimously to fire Mike Jackson as city manager.

Back on September 3, Austin said the commission spoke with no other candidates.

He called Morse an ideal candidate who could hit the ground running for the city.

After being named Toccoa’s top choice earlier this month, Morse said that he was interested in hearing what the city had to say, but is also enjoying serving as Franklin County Manager and had not made a final decision yet.

Austin said he is hopeful Morse will choose to return to Toccoa.

“I know that he loves the city of Toccoa and he would love to come back, so I feel that will be the action he will take, but we will not know until he says (yes or no) and actually signs the document,” said Austin.

Morse served as Toccoa City Manager for more than seven years before leaving the post in October 2009 and being appointed about a month later to serve as Franklin County Manager.

He had worked for the city of Toccoa for 26 years overall, holding a number of positions prior to city manager, including planning director, assistant city manager, and public works director.