Toccoa Considering Yard Sale Ordinance

Toccoa City Commissioners are considering enacting an ordinance to put some rules on yard sales in the city limits.

Commissioners discussed the proposed ordinance Monday.

Toccoa City Commissioner Gail Fry says she feels the ordinance is needed.

Fry said she does not have a problem with yard sales in general.

“I know that a lot of people have them and they enjoy having them a lot of people need the money, which I understand,” said Fry. “My problem with it is when you drive down the streets of Toccoa, like last Saturday, Big A Road was one continuous yard sale.”

She went on to say that she also has concerns about the frequency with which some people have yard sales.

“There are people that seem to want to have them every weekend at their house,” said Fry.

Under the proposed ordinance, a person would be limited to no more than four yard sales in a year and no sale could run for more than two consecutive days.

In addition, the ordinance would only allow yard sales to be held on residential properties and would prohibit yard sales upon vacant lots and on lots where there is a structure used primarily for any use other than residential purposes.

The exception is that religious and charitable 501c3 organizations could have yard sales on the property of the organization or at other locations within the city with the expressed written consent of the owner of the property where the yard sale is being conducted.

If commissioners approve the ordinance, anyone holding a yard sale will have to obtain a permit from the city at least 24 hours before any yard sale is conducted.

The ordinance also regulates the display of yard sale merchandise, stating that all displays of merchandise be limited to that portion of the front yard area which is at least 5 feet back from the property line on all sides and at least 10 feet back from any curb or road edge.

Commissioners agreed to table the ordinance to clean up some language within the ordinance and also allow time for the public to hear about and provide feedback on the proposed regulations.

The city commission is expected to vote on the yard sale ordinance at its next meeting on Monday.