Toccoa Hears Internet Company Lease Proposal

The city of Toccoa will wait to hear back from Gunby Communications about the city commission’s counterproposal to an original offer from the company.

The company wanted to barter space on the city’s Meadowbrook Water Tank in order to build out its wireless Internet network.

Gunby Communications General Manager John Smith said their goal is to provide more service to its existing wireless Internet customers and add more customers where possible.

“On the water tank, we would like to install the equipment to kind of make that a hub site and become a redundant site for all of our Internet services,” said Smith.

According to Smith, from that site, they could provide services to all of the MeadowbrookIndustrial   Park, as well as using it as a part of being able to expand services to other businesses and industries.

In return, the company offered to provide Internet services to the city.

City commissioners offered to lease the space for a cash amount paid monthly, rather than barter for services.

Toccoa City Commissioner Terry Carter said he is more comfortable with a cash lease, rather than a barter.

“Technology changes so fast, who knows what five years will be, ten years, if we enter some kind of barter system,” said Carter, who also said a cash agreement would be fairer and cleaner for everybody.

That was the preferred option of TruVista representatives who were on hand.

Clay Fisher with the Toccoa TruVista office said they just want everything to be fair for everybody.

“The only thing I ask is as an employer and taxpayer, keep us on a level playing field,” said Fisher.

A lease amount of $500 to $600 per month was suggested by the city commission.

Smith said he would consider the city’s counterproposal and let them know about a decision.