Toccoa Looking At Late July for Pool Opening

Toccoa continues putting things in place to try to have the new city pool open next month.

Tuesday, Toccoa City Commissioners unanimously approved two pool-related motions.

First, the city commission approved a bid for fencing at the pool.

The bid went to A & T Fencing of Lavonia at a cost of $14,900.

Toccoa City Manager Billy Morse said A & T was the lowest of two bids for the fencing work.

Morse added that the cost came pretty much in line with the city’s estimate of $15,000.

He said the fencing work will now begin at the same time that all of the other work is underway to get the pool ready to go.

“We have a series of subcontractors, additional contractors, that are going to be doing work,” said Morse. “The biggest thing is coordinating all of that and getting it done to have a swimming pool season this year.”

Overall, Morse said construction on the new pool is going well, though there are some delays on the bath house pushing back the open date somewhat.

“We should have the pool in (in) early July to start putting water in and getting chemicals right,” said Morse. “It is the bath house that is looking a little delayed on us, so we are looking at mid-July before the bath house is completed.”

Morse said that means probably closer to late July when the pool will open and remain open through August.

Once the new pool does open, the city now also has someone in place to manage it.

Tuesday, Toccoa commissioners approved a management agreement with Camp Fire Georgia to have Camp Fire manage the pool for the city this year.

Morse said the agreement covers this summer only.

“The city will provide the utilities and the chemicals for the operations of it,” said Morse. “Instead of a set fee to be paid to Camp Fire, what they have asked us to do is whatever expenses they have less revenues they make, to pay five percent above that amount so they do not lose money in the process.”

He said both sides will re-visit the agreement after this year when more of the costs are known and look at a longer-term agreement.

The city is asking Camp Fire to present the city commission with a proposed schedule of fees and hours of operation prior to the pool opening for the commission to have input on them.

However, Morse said right now, they are looking at operating the pool seven days a week prior to school starting, and then having reduced hours once school starts going through Labor Day.

Toccoa is using SPLOST VI money to construct a new pool and bath house on the site of the old pool on Doyle Street.