Toccoa Looking At Ward Creek Lift Station Improvements

The city of Toccoa is continuing to move forward with plans for an upgrade to part of its sanitary sewer system.

Last month, commissioners received an update from engineers on the Ward Creek Liftstation.

During periods of heavy rain, the liftstation on Fern Valley Drive can become overloaded. As a result, diluted wastewater overflows and spills into the creek.

Earlier this year, the city asked engineers to look at adding a secondary sewer line leading out of that liftstation to alleviate the problem.

Toccoa City Manager Billy Morse said engineers have completed that study and presented it to the commission.

“The engineer came back with that analysis and a recommendation to use existing lines and create a new parallel line to eliminate the overflows at Ward Creek,” said Morse.

Morse said the commission is expected to consider a funding proposal for the project at its June 9th meeting.

The estimated cost of the project is $548,000 and Morse said the city does have SPLOST money available to go towards that amount.

He said if a funding proposal is approved, the project would then go out to bid.