Toccoa Moving Forward to Design New City Pool

Toccoa is getting ready to start designing its new city pool.

City commissioners discussed the status of the pool project during a work session on Monday.

Toccoa City Manager Billy Morse said that the city is prepared to move ahead and use the services of two men,  Tim White of Carnesville and Craig Bleakley of Roswell to help with the design of the pool and the building.

Morse said White would focus on the pool building, while Bleakley would focus on the pool design itself.

City Commissioner Terry Carter said that Bleakley will be an asset in designing the pool.

“He seemed to be the most knowledgeable and even offered a way that we could retrofit what we had rather than tear out of the concrete on the deep end where the equipment is,” said Carter.  “That is going to save a lot of money.”

Morse said that by re-using the current deep end, that will allow more money to be put into the shallow end of the pool and a new pool building.

Carter said the shallow end of the new pool would be a re-build.

“On the shallow end would be a zero-entry type pool in the front, so that would help us with compliance for handicapped individuals and that will be designed from scratch and it would have a lot of the equipment that we have talked about for a splash pad,” said Carter.

As for the pool building, Carter said they would want to build something that looked like what was in place in the 1940s.

The city does not have a cost estimate yet on the pool.

It is paying for the new pool with SPLOST VI funds.

Morse said the goal is to have the new pool open for this summer and he adds that a group has inquired about operating the pool for the city.