Toccoa Plans Street Re-surfacing

The city of Toccoa is moving forward with plans to re-surface a number of city streets later this year.

Monday, Toccoa City Commissioners unanimously approved a list of roads for re-surfacing.

Toccoa City Manager Billy Morse said that the list centers around one city street in particular.

“Fern Valley Drive, which extends from East Currahee Street to Fernside Drive, is in very poor condition and is rapidly deteriorating,” said Morse.

According to Morse, if it is not done this year, the city may lose the road.

Morse went on to say that simply patching and re-surfacing Fern   Valley Drive will not be a long-term option for the city because of the condition it is in.

“We are recommending that we go with a process called reclamation,” said Morse.  “That is where they pulverize and re-use the material that exists at the street and then it is overlayed with asphalt and should give you easily a 15 to 20 year life on that.”

Seven other streets are also on the re-surfacing list approved by city commissioners on Monday.

Morse said those streets are Fern Valley Circle, Wesley Drive, Beaverbrook Circle, Foxdale Drive, Foxdale Circle, Foxdale Court, and Crestwood Drive.

“We have a list of about 40 streets that need to be re-surfaced,” said Morse.  “These streets were selected from that list because of their close proximity to Fern Valley Drive, which absolutely needs to be done this year.”

Morse said picking streets in the same area helps save on the cost of the work.

In all, the city is proposing to re-surface about 1.4 miles of city streets.

The currently estimated total project cost is $244,430.81.

Morse said part of that total cost would be to pay for an engineering firm to help the city with the project.

He recommended the city use a company called KCI out of the Atlanta area.

“We (would) use the services of KCI to help us package the project, put it out for bid, help us determine who is the best contractor, inspect the work as it is being done, certify the quality of the asphalt that is going there, and then help us through the reimbursement process with DOT,” said Morse.

Morse said 10 percent of that total project cost would be to pay KCI.

City commissioners unanimously approved going with KCI as its engineering firm on the project.

Morse said that the city has built up funds available from the Georgia Department of Transportation through its Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant, or LMIG, program to help pay for part of the cost of the work.

He said SPLOST V money will pay for the rest.

Morse went on to say that the goal is to get all of these streets re-surfaced this year.