Toccoa Police Announce Arrests for Making False Statements to Police

Toccoa Police said that three people face charges after allegedly making false statements to police.

According to Toccoa Police Chief Tim Jarrell, two incidents have occurred in recent weeks.

In one incident, Jarrell said that a man reported to police that his gun was stolen from his brother’s vehicle at a local store.

Jarrell said police then talked to the brother, 54-year-old Michael Allen Hill of Toccoa, who initially told police that the gun had been stolen. Michael Hill’s wife, 63-year-old Bessie Ann Hill of Toccoa, also initially confirmed that story, according to Jarrell.

However, Jarrell said that further investigation showed that Michael Hill had actually sold the gun to another individual. According to police, he had lied about the theft to both his brother and to police.

Both Michael Hill and Bessie Hill are charged with making false statements to police. Michael Hill is also charged with theft by taking, while Bessie Hill is also charged with theft by deception.

Jarrell said that making false statements to police is something the department does not take lightly.

“What should have been handled in a day and been done, it took a detective two weeks to find that this was actually not legit theft of a weapon that had occurred,” said Jarrell. “It took that officer away from other cases that they had working and it is making it more difficult to pick up where they had to drop that case because this one came in.”

Meanwhile, Jarrell said that in a separate incident that also involves false statements to police, 30-year-old Christie Sprayberry of Toccoa initially told police she had been robbed of cash at a local convenience store.

However, Jarrell said further investigation showed that also had not taken place.

According to Jarrell, warrants have been taken on Sprayberry for false report of a crime. He said that police are still seeking Sprayberry and anyone with information should contact Toccoa Police.