Toccoa Renews Health Insurance for Employees

The city of Toccoa will remain with its current provider for employee health insurance, but some changes are forthcoming.

Monday, city commissioners unanimously approved a recommendation to remain with Alliant Health for its employee health insurance.

However, that recommendation included adjusting the policy deductible as well as the employee contributions to premium payments.

Under the motion approved by the commission, the employee deductible will increase from $1000 to $1500 and the employee contributions will also increase. An employee will now contribute $10 per week, rather than $5 per week, for single employee coverage. For an employee with full family coverage, that contribution will go up from $55 to $65 per week, according to city officials.

The city’s health insurance consultant, Matt Bidwell, said those figures keep Toccoa in line with other governments in north Georgia.

“That will put the city in a position where it is paying 89 percent of the single employee costs and just under 55 percent of the family cost and those ring right close to what the other governments are doing in terms of their employees as far as the percentage paid,” said Bidwell. “The average deductible in north Georgia right now is just at $1,300, so we are recommending going to $1,500.”

Approval was unanimous.