Toccoa Talking With Industry About Hooking Onto Sewer System

The Toccoa City Commission continues to negotiate with an area industry about bringing it on to the city’s sewer system.

Sage Automotive Interiors on Highway 17 is reportedly interested in hooking on to the city’s sewer system, which is currently located about 1/2 mile away from Sage.

At the present time, Sage operates its own sewer discharge system.

It would cost about $463,000 to hook Sage to the city’s sewer system.

However, Stephens County Development Authority Executive Director Tim Martin said the project would be dependent on getting a Community Development Block Grant to cover all but $42,460 of that amount.

Martin said Sage has then offered to split the remaining $42,460 cost 50/50 with the city at a cost of $21,230 to each entity.

In addition, Sage proposes to pay the city based on a metered sewer flow back to the city, rather than the current city policy of basing a customer’s sewer bill on its water usage.

According to city officials, Sage’s process set-up makes it unique from other industrial customers and would allow the metered system to work.

In return, Sage would use the city of Toccoa as its sole water source.

Also, Sage would also seek corporate approval to write a letter of support for the city and county’s proposed sewer expansion project grant applications with other agencies.

Martin said such a letter, showing how a business could be positively impacted by such a project through the preservation and possible addition of jobs, makes the grant application stronger.

The city agreed to continue working with Sage to reach an agreement and also test Sage’s waste stream to make sure it meets standards that the city can accept under its regulations.