Toccoa To Do Trial Vehicle Conversion to Compressed Natural Gas

The city of Toccoa will convert a few of its vehicles to compressed natural gas as a trial to see what savings the city may experience on fuel costs.

Monday, Toccoa City Commissioners approved a motion to convert five vehicles to compressed natural gas and purchase and install a compressed natural gas fueling station through CNG Technology Systems of Atlanta at a cost of $54,800.

Commissioners had previously discussed the idea at a work session on October 29 and expressed interest in it, asking for more information on how it could be paid for.

Toccoa City Manager Mike Jackson said that staff has found an answer to that question.

“Staff has since determined that this CNG facility will qualify for GMA lease pool funding,” said Jackson. “There will be a 1 percent evaluation fee because this will be the first such facility that the GMA lease pool has considered funding for.”

That fee will be $500 dollars or a little more, said Jackson.

Under the lease pool arrangement, Jackson says the city would not owe any payments until this time next year.

The city plans to convert five vehicles to see what the savings are on fuel costs.

Jackson said he is excited about the possibility for savings on fuel by using compressed natural gas.

“This is step one,” said Jackson. “We need to make sure we know it will work for us before we go out, convert all of our vehicles, and take it even further.”

Commissioners approved the motion unanimously.

Toccoa Vice-Mayor Andy Pavliscsak said now is a good time to do a project such as this.

“I hope that we find this to be beneficial to the extent that we want to get in there and expand this rather quickly,” said Pavliscsak.

Jackson says that the city should have the vehicles converted and compressed natural gas fueling station up and running by or at the beginning of the New Year.