Ty Cobb Healthcare Plans Behavioral Health Unit

By MJ Kneiser, WLHR Radio, Lavonia

Ty Cobb Healthcare has announced plans for what was once the Cobb Memorial Hospital in Royston.

Tuesday evening, Ty Cobb CEO Greg Hearn told the Royston City Council and Mayor David Jordan that Ty Cobb Healthcare plans to put a behavioral health unit there that would create 50 to 60 new jobs.

“As you know, we’ve been concerned about the existing hospital building here and we’ve been working hard to bring some activities back into that building,” Hearn said. “We’ve recently submitted a letter to the State informing them that we plan to apply for a certificate of need for a behavioral health unit to be housed in that building.”

Hearn told the board a separate company that specializes in behavioral health will run the facility, but Ty Cobb Healthcare will provide maintenance and other services, such as dietary services and environmental services.

Hearn said the company interested in coming to Royston will be announced at the end of the month.

Hearn then outlined specifically what kinds of services the new behavioral health unit will offer.

“A lot of the beds would be for geriatric site, which would be Alzheimer’s type treatment and would involve some of the patients at Brown Memorial Convalescent Center to receive in-house treatment and then they would go back to the long-term care facility,” Hearn said.

According to Hearn, the behavioral health unit would also offer an in-patient substance abuse program for first offenders and he emphasized the unit would not be treating any serious drug offenders or the criminally insane.

Once Ty Cobb receives the Certificate of Need, Hearn said they would then apply for financing to pay for the $1.8 million in renovations the building would need.

They would also apply for a Certificate of Need to create an assisted living wing for Alzheimer’s patients and a wing for an adult daycare center.

Hearn said there has long been a need in our area for this kind of facility.

“Our area has long needed this type of facility,” Hearn told the city council. “If you’re in law enforcement or healthcare you know we have a very difficult time placing these types of patients.  This will provide a facility here that we can use and we will give top priority to local citizens.”

Hearn said it would take approximately 120 days from the time the state receives the Certificate of Need application to approval.

He said construction would then start sometime in 2014.