Watch Out For Scams, Says IRS

The Internal Revenue Service is issuing a reminder to people to watch out for tax scams as the April 15th tax filing deadline approaches.

AM 630 WNEG has received reports of a person in the area receiving a phone call from someone saying that they are from the government and telling the person that they owe the government money and asking for personal information to collect payment.

IRS Spokesman Mark Green said that scams are prevalent at this time of the year, whether it is by e-mail, text message, social media, or telephone.

“We have seen one particular telephone call scam where they are calling and threatening taxpayers to pay money that they do not owe or they will be arrested,” said Green. “The twist to this scam is that generally, the individuals who purport to be from the Internal Revenue Service say you have to pay the money immediately on a pre-paid debit card or wire-transfer the money.”

Green went on to say the scammers will sometimes ask their intended victim for personal information.

“In some instances, they will also request personal information like checking or savings account information, PIN numbers,” said Green. “If nothing else, the scammers will solicit Social Security information.”

Green encouraged people to be on the lookout for scams this tax season and always.

He said people need to safeguard their assets and especially their personal information.

“The Internal Revenue Service does not solicit savings or checking account information, PIN numbers, or your Social Security number by e-mail, text, telephone, or social media,” said Green.

Green said that if someone thinks they are the victim of a tax scam, they should file a police report, advise their credit agencies, and then contact the Internal Revenue Service.