Wilbros Appeal of EPD Order Being Heard in Atlanta

The hearing on Wilbros’ appeal of an EPD administrative order calling on the facility to shut down is underway.

That hearing began Monday in the Georgia Office of State Administrative Hearings in Atlanta.

Wilbros received the hearing after challenging the administrative order that the state’s Environmental Protection Division issued in January.

The EPD stated in its order that Wilbros had violated the state’s Solid Waste Management and Water Quality Acts and its associated permits multiple times.

That order called on Wilbros to stop receiving waste and begin closure proceedings.

However, enforcement of the order remains on hold until Wilbros’ appeal process is resolved.

In appealing the administrative order, Wilbros called the order unlawful and disputes the EPD’s allegations that the Rose Lane organic composting facility at the heart of a years-long odor controversy violated its state permits.

At last report, the hearing on the appeal was scheduled to run through Wednesday.

There is no word on how long after the hearing ends it will take for the administrative law judge hearing the case to make a decision on Wilbros’ appeal.