Wilbros Hearing Continues Today

A hearing on a request from Stephens County and the other plaintiffs in a civil suit against the Wilbros facility asking a judge to shut the facility down is scheduled to continue today.

It started Monday in Stephens County Superior Court.

During testimony, University of Georgia composting expert Dr. K.C. Das testified that he believed the carbon-nitrogen ratio in the compost at Wilbros needed to be increased, something that was called for in a court order issued last September.

Dr. Das said that he has not seen adequate information that the carbon-nitrogen ratio had been increased as ordered.

He then testified that based on his concerns regarding Wilbros’ composting operation, the potential for producing odor was “pretty significant.”

Dr. Das also testified that he had not always gotten information he requested from Wilbros in a timely manner.

In opening statements, Plaintiffs’ Attorney Don Stack said Wilbros had violated previous court and Environmental Protection Division orders by not increasing its carbon to nitrogen ratio, sending raw waste materials directly to the wastewater treatment pond without processing, having non-functioning equipment in some cases, having too much moisture in the compost piles, and continued a repeated pattern of misinformation and inconsistent information.

Numerous Georgia Environmental Protection Division officials also testified in court about the alleged EPD permit violations.

However, Wilbros’ attorney Steven Gilliam disputes Stack’s allegations.

Gilliam said Wilbros has done what it has been ordered to do and met all necessary requirements.

He added that Wilbros has already spent $2.2 million in making improvements and argued that the EPD did not negotiate in good faith with Wilbros over the latest alleged violations as is required by law.

The hearing is scheduled to resume at 10 a.m. today.