Animal Shelter Followed Policy in Adopting Out Dogs Turned in by Man’s Friends, Says Board Chair

A man whose friends took his dogs to the Toccoa-Stephens County Humane Shelter while he was out of town will not get them back after they have been adopted to new homes.

The shelter board announced that decision had been made on Monday.

Last month, Thomas Powell spoke before Stephens County Commissioners and the Toccoa-Stephens County Humane Shelter.

He said he was out of town and left his dogs with friends to care for, only those friends took the dogs to the shelter instead.

He said once he found out that the dogs were at the shelter, he called the facility and was told the dogs were there and that he would be called if someone wanted to adopt the dogs and he would have 24 hours to get them.

The dogs were then adopted out and Powell says he was never told.

Shelter Director Jeff Roberts said that the shelter followed its protocol in the situation and would not do what Powell says he was told, with a shelter employee saying Powell had his story wrong.

Shelter Board Chair Stanley London said that the shelter followed its policies in this case and the dogs would remain in their new homes.

“The investigation review by a couple of the board members basically concluded that the animals were adopted out and that is where they will have to stay,” said London.

London went on to say the board is considering action to prevent some of these situations in the future.

“That is the reason we are looking into a recording system for all calls from here on out,” said London, who added it would help alleviate “he said, she said” issues.

During Monday’s meeting, the Shelter Board approved a motion to look into purchasing a new phone system that would record phone calls.

Roberts says the system could be paid for by switching to a phone service plan that would cost less each month.

The board expects to re-visit that topic next month.