BBB Offers Storm Damage Repair Advice

The Better Business Bureau is offering advice for anyone who may have suffered damage from ice or snow as a result of last week’s winter storm.

BBB Spokesman Mike Boynton said there are several things people should keep in mind if they have suffered damage from the storm that needs repair.

“There are a lot of different individuals and companies that are going around door-to-door, unsolicited, offering to make repairs,” said Boynton.  “Just be wary of anybody doing that.  It is always to check with your insurance company about the coverage you have.  Of course, doing any work, you want to keep any copies of receipts of repairs you do for reimbursement.”

Boynton said he understands that people want to move quickly to get the work repaired.

However, he cautioned people not to act in haste.

“Do not be pressured into signing a long-term contract for something you may not need,” said Boynton.  “Shop around.  Get competitive bids.  Check them out locally.  Check them out at”

He said, if necessary, people should get temporary repairs made while they take the time to ensure the permanent repairs are lined up to be done correctly.

Boynton also said that whenever repairs are done, people should get everything down on paper before work begins.

“Make sure you carefully read (a contract) before you sign out,” said Boynton, who added people should make sure it is detailed with the exact cost and scope of work.

As for once work is complete, Boynton said it is important not to pay the full amount of the cost of the repairs in advance.

“Do a down payment, 30 percent down, pay with a credit card and when you are satisfied with the work, you can pay the balance,” said Boynton.

For more information or tips, go to the Better Business Bureau’s website at