Billy Morse Returning to Toccoa As City Manager

By MJ Kneiser, WLHR Radio, Lavonia

It’s official.

Billy Morse is returning to Toccoa to serve as City Manager.

“I have accepted and signed a contract with the City of Toccoa,” Morse said Tuesday after a Franklin County Commission work session. “I have submitted my resignation to Franklin County. Under my contract with Franklin County I have to give a 30-day notice, but I believe both parties are ready to move on so I probably will not be here the full 30 days.”

After meeting with the Franklin County Commission in executive session Tuesday evening, Morse said his last day with Franklin County will likely be Friday.

At its regular meeting Monday night the Toccoa City Commission offered Morse a contract to return to his old job, which he left in October 2009 after working for the city for some 26 years overall and as City Manager for seven years.

Morse replaces Mike Jackson, whom Toccoa City Commissioners fired earlier this month.

As he returns to Toccoa, Morse said he is looking forward to the challenges ahead.

“I think things are different and I feel like I’m different,” Morse said. “I’ve learned a lot working for FranklinCounty and my time on the county side of things. Certainly things have changed at the City of Toccoa as well.  So, I think a lot of things there are going to be different and new and there will be challenges as there are with any new job, but I’m looking forward to it.”

Morse said he is also looking forward to working with the new commission.

Morse left Toccoa and went to Franklin County to replace Frank Ginn, who resigned as Franklin County Manager and then ran for the State Senate.

Morse said he has valued his time with Franklin County.

“I wasn’t looking to go,” Morse said. “I had settled in very nicely into the job in FranklinCounty and I’ve been happy here, but they (Toccoa) gave me a very good opportunity and a chance to get back home and I’m taking it.  Having said that, I want to thank FranklinCounty for the opportunity to serve here. I’ve cherished my time here and the good friends I’ve made.”

As for Franklin County Commissioners, they will now begin the process of finding and selecting a new county manager.

There is no word yet on how that will be handled.