Broun Votes Against Fiscal Cliff Bill

Local Congressman Paul Broun votes no on legislation to avoid the fiscal cliff.

The bill passed the House 257-167 Tuesday night.

In a statement, Broun said that America has gone over the fiscal cliff because of Washington’s inability to control spending, adding that this bill throws more money at an already outrageous problem.

Broun said he cannot support a bill that makes what he calls a mockery of the very serious spending addiction that he says has crippled our country’s livelihood and taken a toll on the American people.

According to Broun, the deal will add nearly $4 trillion to the debt and includes $1 in spending cuts for every $41 in tax hikes.

The Athens Republican went on to say that the bill passes one of the largest tax hikes in decades and makes the higher rates permanent and claims that 77 percent of American households will see their taxes go up.

Broun called on Congress and the President to get serious about cutting spending, saying that it will only be so long until the entire country will be taxed at maximum rates but that the country will be spending so much that it will not be able to meet its obligations.

The legislation approved Tuesday by the House after it gained Senate approval extends current tax rates for all wage earners making below $400,000 and couples making below $450,000, with those making above those thresholds seeing their tax rates rise.

All wage-earners will see an increase in their payroll taxes from 4.2 percent to 6.2 percent. The rate was temporarily lowered to 4.2 percent in 2011 and that cut has expired.

The bill also increases the estate tax, capital gains tax, extends long-term unemployment benefits, provides a permanent fix for the alternative minimum tax, extends milk subsidies to avert looming price hikes, and halts a scheduled salary increase for members of Congress.