Chamber Looks Ahead to New Year

The Toccoa-Stephens County Chamber of Commerce looks forward to the year ahead.

Last Thursday at its annual meeting, the Chamber heard from both Current Chamber Board Chair Brian Akin, whose term ends on June 30 and Incoming Board Chair Greg Roach, who begins his year as chair on July 1.

Akin said it has been a great year for the Chamber.

“We undertook a lot of different objectives in the Chamber this year, restructured the Board of Directors, working on the finances of the Chamber, make sure it is stable in the years moving forward,” said Akin, who added he feels that the Chamber had a lot of success this year.

Meanwhile, Roach said during his year as Board Chair, he would like to see the Chamber work a little bit on its ability to provide a tangible service or resource to its members.

“The concept of finding out what our members need from the standpoint of technical expertise, business assistance, whatever the need might be,” said Roach. “We need to know so we can try to formulate a class, a presentation, a resource guide, whatever is appropriate, and put that in a very accessible mode or package for our members to access.”

Roach said that way, members would not just get networking, referrals, and a voice on their behalf as part of being in the Chamber, but would also get something tangible they can put to use back in their business operation.

The Chamber also introduced its 2014-2015 Board of Directors during Thursday’s annual meeting.