City Commission Approves Expenditure To Firm Representing City, Others in Wilbros Suit

Toccoa City Commissioners agree to pay a bill in connection to the civil suit against Wilbros.

Commissioners unanimously approved a motion following an executive session at the start of Monday’s meeting.

The amount approved to be paid to Stack and Associates was $12,687.64.

Stack and Associates is the firm representing the city and others in the civil suit against Wilbros over the odor emanating from the Rose Lane facility.

Last year when city commissioners approved an intergovernmental agreement regarding the payment of costs related to litigation against Wilbros, it agreed to pay 17 percent of the costs up to a maximum initial contribution of $20,000.

Toccoa City Commissioner Terry Carter said at the time that would allow the city the opportunity to examine where things stand as it spends money on the litigation.

That language mirrors similar language regarding financial contributions that applies to the Stephens County Board of Education and the Stephens County Development Authority.

The Board of Education has since approved additional expenditures related to the civil suit.

According to the intergovernmental agreement approved by the city commission, Stephens County will pay 33 percent of the legal expenses, the city of Toccoa will pay 17 percent, the Stephens County Board of Education will pay 20 percent, and the Stephens County Development Authority will contribute 10 percent. The city, Development Authority, and Board of Education all established an initial maximum contribution authorization of $20,000 in the agreement.

Overall, local governments will contribute 80 percent of the legal costs, with the Concerned Citizens of Toccoa-Stephens County, LLC, a citizens’ group involved in the suit, contributing the rest.