City of Toccoa Tax Bills Going Out

City of Toccoa property tax bills are headed out.

Toccoa City Clerk Fredda Wheeler says the bills are going in the mail this week to the city’s property owners and will be due in November.

Wheeler said that for property owners in the city this year, they will have a new way to pay their city property taxes.

“I am excited to announce that this year for the first time, citizens and taxpayers of the city of Toccoa will have the ability to view and pay their taxes online,” said Wheeler.

Meanwhile, Toccoa Finance Director Cathy Loudermilk said the property tax revenues that will come in will help the city’s bottom line.

During the city’s financial report on Monday, Loudermilk told the commission that August was a tough month for the city.

According to the financial report as of August 31, the city had an overall loss of nearly $496,000 for the month of August.

In addition, the city shows a net loss of just over $596,000 for the first two months of the fiscal year.

She noted that July and August will typically be tough months until revenues start to come in.

Loudermilk said though that as property tax and other revenues come in, those numbers will start to turn around.

“In two months, we will have collected probably about 90 percent of our property taxes, around $900,000,” said Loudermilk.  “Also in October, we will get our insurance premium tax in.  Last year, that was $423,000.”

The city does still have about $151,000 in operating cash balances, as well as over $2.1 million saved in the city’s Commission Reserve Account.