City of Toccoa To Re-imburse Local Church for Water Damage

Hill Street Baptist Church will receive money from the city of Toccoa to help replace items damaged when the church’s basement flooded a couple of years ago.

Back on December 30, 2011, a motorist hit a fire hydrant at the intersection of Whitman and Hill streets, which led to numerous water line breaks, including one that caused water to pour into the basement at Hill Street Baptist Church for several days until the break was found and could be fixed by the city. As a result, the church saw significant water damage.

At a city commission meeting two weeks ago, the church requested that the city provide about $4,870 to replace a number of items damaged during the incident. Those items include bookcases, tables, a file cabinet, a wooden stage, and other assorted supplies.

Toccoa City Manager Mike Jackson says he reviewed the request and agrees that the city should pay the church the amount requested.

Commissioners approved the request unanimously. According to information provided by the city, the payment is subject to the church signing an agreement that this payment settles any and all other claims arising from the water main break.