City To Put Pool Project Out to Bid

The city of Toccoa is putting the renovations at the Doyle Street Pool out to bid.

City commissioners unanimously approved a construction schedule of activities at its meeting on Monday.

Under that schedule, the pool and pool building will go out to bid this month, with bids being opened next month.

In the meantime, city workers will do the necessary demolition work at the current pool to allow construction to then begin.

During the spring, the city manager will then solicit proposals for pool site improvements like fencing, parking, and lighting.

Toccoa City Manager Billy Morse said the city wants to move forward as quickly as possible.

“Our goal is to have the pool open this summer,” said Morse.  “That is an aggressive goal.  We are moving fast towards that.”

Morse said the projects will be advertised for bid in all of the normal locations and methods.

Toccoa City Commissioner Jeanette Jamieson said she wants to make sure local companies have an opportunity to bid.

“I wanted to be real clear on the fact that it be widely enough advertised so that if we have local contractors interested in doing the work, (they could bid),” said Jamieson.

Morse and Mayor Gail Fry echoed that.

The new pool will remain at its current location on Doyle   Street.

Toccoa Vice-Mayor Terry Carter says that the deeper end of the pool, or lap end, will use the current pool walls and foundation, while the shallow end will be completely redone with water features added for an activity area of sorts.

There will also be zero-entry and it will meet all necessary handicap accessibility rules.

Fry said it will be a great thing for the city.

“It is going to be just a beautiful facility that our entire community can be so proud of,” said Fry.  “You will want to go there and have your children and grandchildren be a part of it.”

Toccoa is paying for the pool renovations through SPLOST VI and will forward fund the project, using the SPLOST funds to re-pay the forward funding