Cloudy, Wet Morning Doesn’t Stop Saturday’s March for Babies

baby marchRain showers in the area could not stop this year’s March for Babies in Stephens and Franklin counties.

Marchers gathered for the annual event on Saturday morning at Tugaloo State Park in Franklin County.

Saturday morning brought some wet weather in the area and skies were cloudy as the marchers headed out.

However, as the March of Dimes’ Brittany George pointed out, marchers did not have to go out with umbrellas.

“Just in the nick of time, everything cleared up and everyone was able to go on the walk,” said George.

The March for Babies raises money for the March of Dimes, which focuses on prevention of premature births and birth defects, as well as the general health of babies.

Money has been raised throughout the year and last week, a “bank day” was held to collect more money that has been raised by organizations involved in the March.

George said the fundraising has continued to go well and that this year’s March for Babies has been a success.

“We have raised about $28,000 for the March of Dimes and we are really thankful for everyone’s participation and things are go well,” said George.

Fundraising continues through December and this year’s goal for Franklin and Stephens counties is $39,000.

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