Corps Upgrades Website

The next time you go on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Web site, you may see some improvements.

The Corps recently announced a nationwide upgrade to all of its regional Web sites in order to make them more user friendly.

Russ Wicke is the Corporate Communications Officer for the Savannah District.

He said the upgrades will benefit both Corps personnel and the general public.

“The main reason for the upgrade is that it creates uniformity and predictability across all of the Web sites,” Wicke said. “That is, if you’re in one district and you move to another district anywhere in the world, that district’s Web site will be set up the same so you can find the same content and the same paths in the same places.”

Wicke said the improvements to the web sites make it easier to link them to social media.

Meanwhile, Corps Spokesman Billy Birdwell noted some other improvements that will make finding specific topics much easier.

“One of the things that the folks will notice is that in the center of the page are frequently accessed links are now in icons which will make them easier to locate,” he said. “They are right in the center of the page and are now easily identified so you don’t have to search for them as much anymore.”

In addition to a new look and feel, the site offers such features as a rotating image gallery, video playlist, updated news releases, fact sheets, a search engine, and a comprehensive interactive contact list.

Visitors to the website will also now find information about current projects, authorized studies, operations and maintenance, public notices, recreational opportunities, and the permitting process.

The web address for the Savannah District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers remains unchanged. It is