DEA, FCSO Search Carnesville House

By MJ Kneiser, WLHR Radio, Lavonia

Authorities looking for a possible connection to an illegal drug operation swarmed a Carnesville house last week.

It happened last Tuesday evening at a home on Keller Road off State Route 320.

Neighbors say several Franklin County Sheriff’s deputies and agents with the DEA descended on a home occupied by a Hispanic family and were there for some time.

Franklin County Sheriff Stevie Thomas said it was part of a larger drug investigation by the DEA.

According to Thomas, DEA agents had some persons of interest at the house that they wanted to talk to and Franklin County Sheriff’s Office deputies went up there with them and met with the folks. Thomas says the residents of the house consented to a search of the property, but nothing illegal was found.

No one was arrested and no charges were filed against the people living at that house. Their names have not been released.