Deputy Sheriff’s Medical Condition Leads to Car Accident

On Friday evening, a Stephens County Deputy Sheriff wrecked his patrol car after leaving Big A Road near Captain D’s.

Georgia State Patrol Trooper J. Tucker was at the accident and reports that Lieutenant Riki Wise, took a sharp right turn off the turning lane, hitting the curb and then going down an embankment.

According to Stephens County Sheriff Randy Shirley, witnesses reported that Wise was unresponsive.

Shirley said that paramedics and medical personnel quickly removed Wise from the vehicle and transported him to Stephens County Hospital.

“Doctors and medical staff at Stephens County Hospital immediately began diagnosis and treatment,” said Shirley. “His heartbeat and his blood pressure was extremely high as well as his oxygen level. After a number of tests, the diagnosis was extreme dehydration. The medical team began giving my deputy fluids and all his vitals began to start falling back to normal.”

Shirley said that Wise had been cutting grass earlier that day and had not drank any water, resulting in dehydration.

No other vehicles were involved in the accident and doctors at Stephens County Hospital say that Wise will be ready for duty by tomorrow.