DOT Reports No Problems on Roads This Morning

Nothing is happening on the roads in northeast Georgia.

That is the word right now from Georgia Department of Transportation Spokesperson Teri Pope.

Pope said that crews have been out all over northeast Georgia since midnight keeping a close eye on the conditions.

“We have been monitoring conditions,” said Pope.  “We have spread a little bit of our salt and gravel mixture on bridges and known travel spots.  We have not had any reports of icing so far today.”

She said that this morning, precipitation is stopping across the region and the winds are picking up, both of which could help the roadways throughout the morning.

“We are hopeful that the winds will help us to dry out the wetness that is on the roads and bridges, but there is always the potential for black ice,” said Pope.

For that reason, Pope urged anyone heading out onto the roads today to be careful.

“We want to urge folks to wait until after daylight to get on the roads if they can and when they do get on the roads, be very careful,” said Pope.  “If you see shiny stuff on the roads and bridges today, it is likely going to be frozen, not liquid.”

The windy and cold weather is expected to only become more of a factor throughout the day later today.

A wind chill advisory is in effect for 6 p.m. tonight until noon tomorrow.