Downtown Clarkesville Fire Remains Under Investigation

Investigators are still working to try to figure out what caused the fire that damaged several businesses on the square in downtown Clarkesville last week.

Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner’s Office Spokesman Glenn Allen said that investigators took samples from the scene of the fire and have sent those to the crime lab for analysis.

Allen said those results may be back this week.

Last week’s fire started late last Wednesday night and lasted into the early morning hours Thursday as numerous departments worked to put out the blaze.

The Northeast Georgian newspaper reported that the fire started at Sweet Breads Cafe on East Water Street before spreading.

That report from the Northeast Georgian went on to say that the buildings housing Sharky’s Sports Grill, Edward Jones, Parker Place Antiques, the Soque River Watershed Association, and Natalie Jane’s Tavern were all damaged.

Nobody was injured in the fire.

Meanwhile, reports that firefighters again responded to downtown Clarkesville Saturday night.

This time, there was a fire in the neon marquee of the Habersham Theater in Clarkesville, just off of the Square, according to the report.

The report stated that the fire was extinguished quickly.