Extreme Drought Back Into Stephens Co.

Extreme drought is creeping back into Stephens County.

According to the latest drought monitor report issued on Thursday, extreme drought had reached back into western Stephens County.

That is the second-most severe level of drought in the drought monitor report.

Previously, all of Stephens County had been in severe drought with extreme drought limited to Habersham County.

The eastern part of Stephens County remains in severe drought.

Extreme drought has also reached down into northwestern Franklin County.

However, much of Franklin County remains in severe drought.

While the drought monitor shows that slight worsening in this area, drought conditions statewide seem to be improving somewhat.

This week, about 37 percent of the state is in abnormally dry or drought conditions, compared to 42 percent last week.

The drought remains the worst in the northern part of the state.