Franklin Co. Commission Denies Mason Cornerstone Request

By MJ Kneiser, WLHR Radio, Lavonia

For the second time, Franklin County commissioners have said no to a request by the Lavonia chapter of the Masons to install a cornerstone on the new EMS building now under construction on Gerrard Road in the Lavonia Industrial Park.

The initial request came at a work session in February and was voted down by the board.

At that time, Franklin County Commissioner Clint Harper said he was concerned that a Masonic cornerstone would be seen as political advertising. Fellow Commissioner Bob Franklin said he was worried if Franklin County allowed the Masons to put up a cornerstone with their symbol on it, other groups would want the same thing on other buildings.

Not giving up, Franklin County Commissioners heard from the District Deputy to the Grand Master of the Masons in Georgia, Steve Wooten, at their work session last week.

Wooten said the cornerstone is not about advertising or making a political statement, but is placed to remember those who serve their communities.

Franklin County Commission Chair Thomas Bridges called for a motion following the Masons’ presentation, but the request died again for lack of a motion.