Franklin Co. Manager Outlines 2014 Goals

 By MJ Kneiser, WLHR Radio, Lavonia

Franklin County Commissioners are considering a list of recommendations for 2014 by new County Manager John Phillips. 

At a special daylong work session last month, Phillips outlined goals as well as changes he would like to implement in the coming year for Franklin County. 

He said first on the list is a change to the Franklin County employee pay structure.  

Phillips said that he has discovered different pay ranges for the same classifications, which he says should be changed.  

Phillips said such a change would give employees an incentive to pursue certifications and licenses to grow in their careers and increase their salaries.  

He said Franklin County is losing good employees to other counties because of higher salaries.

Meanwhile, Franklin County Commission Chair Thomas Bridges also suggested improving the overall benefits package for employees. 

Commissioner Jeff Jacques said Phillips’ idea is something he has been recommending for the past 11 years.

Phillips also recommended that Franklin County institute a capital improvement program to replace old and outdated equipment on a regular basis. 

He also asked that his office be allowed to investigate upgrading and improving the countyWeb site, which he said is not user friendly to those looking for information about Franklin County.