Franklin Springs Changes Community Room Rental Policy

By MJ Kneiser, WLHR Radio, Lavonia

Franklin Springs is changing how it rents out its community room at City Hall.

Last spring, the Franklin Springs City Council voted to restrict rentals to residents who live inside the city limits, city employees and their families, and local businesses, clubs and nonprofit organizations.

However, at last week’s Franklin Springs City Council meeting, the council approved an amended policy.

Previously, the city had been renting the room to the general public, but in May, Franklin Springs Mayor Lee Moore said that policy has led to thousands of dollars in destruction and repairs.

At the time, Moore said damage to the room included doors torn from their hinges, chair legs broken, tables burned and holes in the walls and wallpaper and he asked the council to consider major changes to the rental policy.

On Monday, Moore said the new policy, as approved last week, will still allow the general public to rent out the community room, but will give preference to those living inside the city limits.

According to Moore, the city has put in a rate reduction on the room for the city’s utility customers and citizens, but the city has also built in a $200 deposit. Moore said Franklin Springs residents and utility customers will be charged $20 per hour while the general public outside the city limits will still pay $25 per hour.

Another change will be before and after inspections, Moore said, which will be conducted by a Franklin Springs police officer, and will provide documentation of any damage.

Moore said the new policy goes into effect January 1st.