Franklin Springs Reforms DDA

Franklin Springs has a Downtown Development Authority.

That news came as news to some on the Franklin Springs City Council who thought the former DDA had long since dissolved.

However, at last Thursday’s Franklin Springs city council meeting, mayor Lee Moore informed the council the DDA still exists and needs to be re-activated.

According to Moore, the reason is because it has to approve and sign off on bonds for Emmanuel College.

Moore says the $35 million in bonds are for Emmanuel College so it can continue with their expansion projects, which had to be approved by the DDA.

Emmanuel recently completed a $10-million dollar 76,000 square foot, state of the art athletic center and stadium.

Plans are for additional outdoor facilities, which will include baseball and softball stadiums, eight tennis courts, a soccer field, a lacrosse field, and a sports field house with visitors’ locker rooms.

As part of resurrecting the DDA, Moore asked for a motion to make new appointments to that board.

The new appointments include Franklin Springs city councilman Joe Bryant as the new DDA chair, Phil Bryant, Levy Moore, Cheryl Slater, and Patricia Swails.

Current members include Kathy Wilson, Jay Brightwell, and Vernon Cape.

All DDA members will serve for one year and must be reappointed by the city council every year.

The appointments passed unanimously with city councilman Joe Bryant abstaining.

After the regular city council meeting, the new DDA met for a brief called session and approved the bonds for Emmanuel College.