Ga. DOT Watching NE Ga. Roads

The Georgia Department of Transportation is monitoring roads throughout the region.

Spokesperson Teri Pope said crews are starting to get to work treating roads as snow falls and watching elsewhere.

“They are monitoring conditions throughout the rest of the region,” said Pope.  “We are actively out there and if we are needed, we can begin treating the roads immediately.”

Pope said that crews will remain on call throughout northeast Georgia until the winter weather completely moves out.

“The Georgia DOT will continue to work 12-hour shifts through the end of the winter weather event, whenever that might be,” said Pope.  “We hope it is sooner rather than later, but we will be here to continue to monitor conditions on the roads.”

She said the DOT’s biggest concern for the northeast Georgia region over the next couple of days is if ice begins to fall or develop in the area.

“Ice builds up very quickly and it can bring down not only power lines, but our overhead signs and traffic signals,” said Pope.  “Ice can also build up on tree limbs overhanging state routes and interstates.”

Pope said that crews have been working over the last couple of weeks, trying to clear vegetation from rights of way in an effort to keep tree branches or trees from posing as much of a threat to state highways.

She said that as the weather situation develops, people need to stay aware of what is going on outside.

“Pay attention to the weather where you are,” said Pope.  “Do not get out unless you absolutely have to.  If you have to get out, check the weather at your destination.  It could be drastically different from where you are right now.”

The latest traffic conditions on interstates and state highways can be found as always, by calling 511 or visiting

511 is a free phone call in Georgia.