Ga. School Systems Getting Flexibility on Making Up Lost Days

School districts in Georgia will get flexibility to decide whether or not to make up school days from when they were closed due to inclement weather in recent weeks.

The State Board of Education passed the resolution Thursday.

Under the resolution, local school boards are now authorized to depart from the strict interpretation of the terms “school year” and “school day” when the Governor proclaims a state of emergency or when there is an emergency that causes the continued operation of public schools to be impractical or impossible.

State School Superintendent John Barge said this will allow local school districts the ability to do whatever was best for them in deciding whether or not to make up the days.

In Stephens County, the school system already made up one day this past Monday and have scheduled another make up day for Monday, May 26.

Stephens County School Superintendent Sherrie Whiten said last week that the school system was not planning any other make up days.

Whiten said that the school system could still meet the requirement to attend school for the number of minutes necessary as established by the State Board of Education.