Gasaway to Run for Re-election

28th District State Representative Dan Gasaway will run for re-election.

The first-term Republican state legislator announced this week that he will seek a second term this Fall representing Stephens, Banks, and part of Habersham counties.

Gasaway said he feels he has done a good job in his first term.

“We worked on the Savannah River Caucus that really brought awareness that we need to manage the UpperSavannahRiver basin, both Georgia and South Carolina, more effectively,” said Gasaway.  “We continued to push and the successful (start to) construction of the Highway 17 expansion from Toccoa to Lavonia.  (Also), I have put tremendous pressure on the Georgia Environmental Protection Division to take enforcement action against an issue we had here in the county.”

Gasaway said the success has been a team effort, working with citizens, as well as with 50th District State Senator John Wilkinson.

However, while Gasaway said much has been accomplished, the issues are not over and he wants to work to see them through.

“We want to make sure this road project gets finished,” said Gasaway.  “We want to make sure that this business in the city is brought into compliance.”

Gasaway said he also wants to work in the area of online education if re-elected to a second term.

“We have a school system here in StephensCounty that is connected to the North Georgia Network, which is one of the best school-to-school networks in America and I want to work with our school systems to continue to find ways to utilize this network better.  We have a great jewel in northeast Georgia and we have to work with the state Department of Education to use this great asset better.”

Another issue Gasaway pointed to is economic development, where he says the state must treat rural Georgia differently than metro Atlanta.

Gasaway said he expects opposition in this year’s election and adds he expects that opposition to be funded by some of the people who do not like what he has done for Toccoa and Stephens County.

First elected in 2012, Gasaway is a resident of Bank sCounty and is self-employed, having operated his architectural design and construction business.