Grafton, London, Scarborough Win Stephens Co. Commission Races

All three incumbents win their races on the ballot for Stephens County Commission.

Republicans Michelle Grafton, Stanley London, and Dean Scarborough all won in Tuesday’s election for seats on the Stephens County Commission.

Grafton received 1,568 votes to Ralph Stowe’s 780 votes in the Post One County Commission race.

She said she is happy to receive a full four-year term on the commission.

“I appreciate all of the citizens of this county,” said Grafton. “I thank all of you who got out and voted in the election. I look forward to serving the citizens and being a part of moving this county forward. We have some hard decisions over the next few years, but I will always do what is best for the county and thank you to Ralph Stowe for a good, clean race.”

Meanwhile, Stowe said he appreciates those who supported him.

“I thank everyone that voted for me,” said Stowe. “I certainly do appreciate everything that is going on, but we are going to have to start fighting for businesses here and it is going to have to come from this group here and that is the reason I started running and I am still going to be in there trying to get businesses in here.”

Moving to Post Four on the county commission, London received 1,507 votes to defeat Jonesy Haygood, who received 856 votes.

London said he is looking forward to four more years.

“I really want to thank Mr. Haygood for a good, clean race and appreciate all of my supporters,” said London. “I hope to do the best I can for the next four years and sure cannot thank everyone enough.”

As for Haygood, he congratulates London for winning and thanks those who supported him, but added the county faces tough issues coming up.

“They have got to come up with some solution to our tax digest,” said Haygood. “They are going to have to raise the millage this year and if we do not raise it enough this year, it will have to be raised more next year. I hope they look at getting some infrastructure for the county, so that we can obtain business and industry to come in. Without that, we are still going to be the same way for the next four or five years.”

Finally in the Post Five Stephens County Commission race, incumbent Dean Scarborough received 1,240 votes to defeat Chuck Wright, who received 1,121 votes.

Scarborough thanked Wright for running a good, hard, clean race and says he appreciates the voters giving him another term.

“I thank the people of Stephens County,” said Scarborough. “I have enjoyed representing the people of Stephens County for the last five and a half years and I look forward to doing it some more. We have a lot of challenges and we are ready to face them. I love living here, love the people, and look forward to serving some more.”

Meanwhile, Wright said he thanks Scarborough for running a clean race, appreciates those who voted for him and calls on everyone to support the county commissioners who won in working to build a better Stephens County.

“It is a grassroots effort,” said Wright. “I challenge everyone to get involved in their local government, Development Authority, Chamber, whatever they can get involved in to build our community back. It is the reason I ran for county commissioner. I am reminded that Abraham Lincoln lost three elections before winning his presidential election, so I will be back.”

Barring a certified independent or write-in candidate, Grafton, London, and Scarborough will all officially win four-year terms unopposed in the November election.