Hall Speaks on State House Race

Stacy Hall speaks on the results of last week’s election for the state House seat representing Stephens and surrounding counties.

Hall lost in last Tuesday’s primary election for the 28th District State House race in northeast Georgia to incumbent Dan Gasaway.

He said he appreciates all of the support he received.

“When you lose a race like this, you obviously have a lot of things flowing through your head,” said Hall. “I am very grateful for the friendships we have been able to establish, learning a lot about the community. I had a ton of support from some really phenomenal people. I look forward to being engaged in the community as we move forward.”

Meanwhile, Hall said he tips his hat to Gasaway on his win and wishes him the best moving forward over the next two years.

“I wish him the best of luck,” said Hall. “We ran a good campaign. I did everything I could. I thought we ran an honorable campaign. I made a commitment early on that we would run a clean campaign and I believe we did that, so I can sleep easy at night knowing I gave my best effort.”

With the election over, Hall said he is going to take some time off.

As far as his political future, Hall said he is not sure what his future holds but he says he will continue to seek opportunities to help make the community a better place.