Hudgens Issues General Info on Homeowners’ Policies In Light of Deep Freeze

With the whole state in a deep freeze, Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner Ralph Hudgens wants to remind Georgians that if their homes are damaged by the extreme cold, they may get financial relief through their homeowners policies.

Hudgens said depending on the source of the property damage, a person may or may not be covered.

According to Hudgens’ office, repairing damage to internal plumbing caused by freezing will generally be covered by your homeowners policy.

In addition, Hudgens said the policy should also pay for damage to carpeting, furniture, and other belongings caused by a person’s own pipes freezing.

However, Hudgens said damage from water entering your home from an outside source, such as a broken water main, may not be covered.

If someone lives in an apartment or condominium and water from an upstairs neighbor’s pipes damages your property, Hudgens said the person should be covered under their own renters’ policy. 

If a person does not have such coverage, Hudgens said the neighbor’s liability policy may pay for the damage, but only if it can be proved that the neighbor was negligent.

Finally, Hudgens said damage to frozen pipes on your property but not in the home, such as in your yard, are not covered by standard homeowners insurance.