Investigation Into Clarkesville Square Fire Ongoing

Investigators have still not figured out what caused last week’s major fire on the Square in downtown Clarkesville.

The fire took place during the overnight hours of Wednesday into Thursday last week, causing heavy damage to a number of buildings.

State investigators were on the scene last week collecting samples to send off for further analysis.

Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner’s Office Spokesman Glenn Allen said that the investigation is ongoing to try and determine what happened.

“Investigators will return to the scene of the fire on Friday,” said Allen.  “They will try to make a determination on what exactly caused the blaze.”

Allen said that investigators are looking for the public’s help to see if there is information out there that could help figure out the cause of the fire.

“Anyone with information is asked to call 1-800-282-5804,” said Allen.  “Regardless of how little you think the information you have is, it may help us make a determination.”

Allen said this call for assistance does not mean that the cause of the fire is suspicious in nature.  He said it is simply meant to help investigators try to find out all the information that they can.

Last week’s fire affected numerous businesses in and around the Square in downtown Clarkesville.

The Northeast Georgian newspaper reported that the fire started at Sweet Breads Cafe on East Water Street before spreading.

That report from the Northeast Georgian went on to say that the buildings housing Sharky’s Sports Grill, Edward Jones, Parker Place Antiques, the Soque River Watershed Association, and Natalie Jane’s Tavern were all damaged.

Nobody was injured in the fire.