IRS Releases Initial Tax Season Statistics

The Internal Revenue Service is releasing some initial statistics from the current tax season.

The IRS recently released 2014 tax filing season national statistics that show that 15 percent more refunds were already issued this year, compared to 2013 figures.

Also, the IRS said the average federal refund totaled $3,211, which is an increase of $190 compared with the same period a year ago.

Internal Revenue Service Spokesman Mark Green said that in Georgia, as of February 17, taxpayers have seen a three percent increase in refund amounts compared to last year.

The IRS said that the statistics, which cover the period through February 14, show that while the overall number of tax returns filed this year is down slightly, less than a percentage point, nearly 95 percent of all returns received were filed electronically.

Green said that in Georgia, that out of a projected 4.5 million tax returns that will be filed in the state this year, the IRS expects 3.8 million of those returns to be filed electronically.

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