IRS Tax Season Off to a Good Start

Tax season is into full swing and everything seems to be running smoothly, according to the Internal Revenue Service.

According to IRS Spokesman Mark Green, all taxpayers should have received their 1099 forms and W-2 forms by this point in order to do their taxes.

Green said that this year’s tax season appears to be off to a good start at this point in Georgia.

“We are at 2 million returns (in Georgia) out of 4 million,” said Green.

Green did say that there are still some taxpayers claiming certain credits who will have to wait until March to file their taxes because of delays in updating the IRS systems after tax law changes made by Congress earlier this year. Those credits include residential energy credits and general business credits. Green adds that those individuals affected by that usually file their taxes later anyway.

Meanwhile, Green is again encouraging taxpayers to file electronically this year.

He said e-filing has many benefits.

“It is fast, safe, accurate,” said Green. “Last year, we had 3.7 million out of 4 million that filed electronically (in Georgia). We expect that number to increase this year.”

Green also encouraged anyone who had any tax withheld this year to file a return, even if they did not make enough to require them to file a return.

“Any amount of withholding you had, even if you had a small amount, it is your money, but you have to file a tax return,” said Green.

Green said as people do their taxes, they should be aware of what credits are available to them under the tax law.

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