Jarrell Takes Oath of Office

Stephens County Probate Judge Glenda Ernest delivers oath

Toccoa Police Chief Tim Jarrell takes the oath of office as chief.

The new chief, along with the rest of the Toccoa Police Department, took the oath as a unit Friday afternoon in the commission meeting room at Toccoa City Hall.

Jarrell said he felt it was important that the whole department take the oath as a group.

“All of our officers have taken the oath, but they took an oath under a previous administration or maybe an administration two chiefs ago,” said Jarrell. “I wanted the oath to be administered and have a meaning behind it for the officers and for the community to know that we are really serious about the oath and what the oath says.”

Stephens County Probate Judge Glenda Ernest administered the oath to the officers and Jarrell. She says she was honored to be asked to perform that task.

The city hired Jarrell as police chief last month. He had served as interim chief since the retirement of Jackie Whitmire last year.