Jerry Steele To Resign From Stephens Co. Board of Education

Speaking of Jerry Steele … he said that he will leave his position on the Board of Education at the end of next month.

Steele announced his resignation Thursday at the Board of Education’s called meeting and the board then accepted it.

The resignation will become effective June 30.

Steele said with his son taking over at the high school as principal, he felt it was the best thing to do.

“I did not want to anyone in any way construe that the only reason that he got to be principal is that his daddy is on the school board,” said Steele. “I did not want there to be any conflict of interest.”

He stated that he was not involved in the discussions surrounding his son taking the principal’s job at the high school, saying that he left the room during the school board’s executive session discussion on the topic.

Steele has served on the Stephens County Board of Education for more than 10 years.

He said he is proud of what the Board has accomplished during that time.

“The school system, considering that we have had money cut from the State (funding) over the years, is in the best shape it has been, maybe not since I have been on the board, but in the last few years,” said Steele.

The Stephens County Board of Education will now be responsible for appointing someone to fill the remainder of Steele’s unexpired term, which runs through the end of 2014.