Kingston Speaks At Event Wednesday in Toccoa

Kingston (far right) speaks to audience at Wednesday's event

Kingston (far right) speaks to audience at Wednesday’s event

One of the candidates in the race for Georgia’s U.S. Senate seat stops in Stephens County.

Republican Senate candidate Jack Kingston met with local leaders during a campaign stop at the historic train depot in downtown Toccoa Wednesday.

Kingston has served as U.S. Representative for an area of Southeast Georgia and been in Washington for 21 years.

He said he feels it is an important for Republicans to come together behind a unified platform.

“I believe that the conservative family right now is divided,” said Kingston. “We have to got to get a platform.”

Kingston said his platform, what he called his six-point American Renewal Initiative, starts with a strong national defense.

“I just strongly believe we take our military for granted,” said Kingston. “We need to make sure when they go into any engagement (that) the outcome is certain, we are going to win and they are going to lose.”

After a strong national defense, Kingston said the second point to his plan is fiscal responsibility.

He said America needs to balance its budget, divide its needs from its wants, and look at the programs already in place.

“We have 45 childhood education programs, 45, and the Secretary of Education came in front our committee last week and wanted another one,” said Kingston. “I asked him how the other 45 working and he said ‘we are looking at that right now.’ I asked him ‘Why do you not combine a few and not start a new program?’.”

Kingston said the other four points of his plan are pushing back on regulatory overreaches, such as health care and financial reform; moving towards energy independency by supporting the Keystone pipeline, purchasing oil from Canada, and building American reserves; creating a job-ready workforce and moving towards what he calls “workfare” over welfare; and simplifying the tax code.

He said that he feels his six-point plan would create jobs and move the country forward in a positive direction.

Kingston is one of seven Republicans vying for the nomination to run for the U.S. Senate seat held currently by the retiring Saxby Chambliss.

Four Democrats are also seeking the seat.